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 There are no words in the content of this image. It is to be fully seen, absorbed, understood, deduced, invesigated, observed, and more generally sensed by you, the reader of this arguably useless compilation of words, which are themselves compilations of letters. There’s really nothing to be said, really. You can tell what’s going on pretty clearly, there’s nothing I should be explaining to you. Maybe you want to know more about how the image came to be, what my inspirations were, what my aim is, what the theme is, any symbolism or special meanings. Forget it. None of that is gonna happen, it’s just not. That’s the way it is. Listen, if you’re gonna keep requesting more information about this less than interesting photograph, you might as well go take your own pictures and make up some meaning. Might as well invent a backstory while you’re at it. There’s nothing to be known, nothing to be seen, nothing to be understood. You would probably have been better off had you just looked at the picture and called it a day instead off going on to look for more info. When will these people learn.