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Hot coal on a warm stove

That last line is what this photo makes me think of at first glance. The only reason being the color; the red in the background is so similar to the glow of a burning coal. The shadow would be the coal itself. There is no meaning in this photo. It is the way it is and no more. Relevance to your life is pure coincidence. The phrase hot coal on a warm stove brings about questions of relativity and the nature of dynamics. A warm stove can burn a hand, but it is cold compared to the burning coal. It reminds me of the idea of chasing a feeling, a state of being, a condition, a known place or state of existence. You keep pulling yourself upwards, but since the feeling┬áderives from the feeling of being pulled up, you keep needing something “hotter”, analogically, for the upward motion to happen. Until the point where you are a warm stove and you’re in a need of a hot coal to bring yourself up in temperature. Is the answer to be content with stillness and lack of flux? is it about letting processes like these take place and accepting the downward motion as a necessity for the duality of up and down to exist?

One thing I want to say about this photo is that it was taken around the time of my departure of the place I was hanging out before taking the photo. In that sense it contains my experience leading up to the photo, and so if you have sudden visual stimuli relating to ducks, humans, rabbits, swans, rocks, trees, the sun, a body of water, the sky, cars, grass, flies, butterflies, fireflies, horseflies, ladybugs or grasshoppers, it’s simply because before this photo was taken (and after until I left) I was in a place where all of these things are actively present and in constant dynamic motion and interaction with each other. Fear not, you are not going crazy. And if you are, all the better to you. You can imagine being in a foreign environment inaccurately but in a pleasant manner.

During the taking of this photo, I was listening to Moon and Antarctica by Modest Mouse. I was very much in tune with the album. Except for two songs that I had to skip. I won’t tell you which ones. Before that I listened to Making Nothing out of Something. I don’t know if that’s the exact title but it’s something in that sphere. It’s the one with Interstate 8. I’m off to bed now. Gonna hit the sleeper.